Been in business for less than two years? The strategies and services listed here will save you time, money and assist you in generating sales opportunities in your business.
Been in business between two and five years? Our focus in this section is on tax effective compensation strategies for business owners on rewarding loyal employees, and financing research and development.
Been in business between five and fifteen years? The strategies contained in this section offer corporate tax planning and wealth building strategies that every Canadian business owner needs to be aware of for themselves and their families.
This section is geared towards business owners who have been in business for over fifteen years. Enclosed in this section are corporate tax planning strategies that you need to understand before you sell your business!

About Maximum Wealth Strategies (MWS)

Our goal is to assist small and mid-size business owners in providing customized value added solutions in their businesses.  Whether, that is maximizing wealth via corporate tax planning strategies that allows you to tax efficiently transfer money from your business to you personally or strategies that minimize risk in your business.  We are here to assist you!

Services we offer:

  • Corporate Wealth Maximization
  • Corporate Estate Equalization
  • Business Transfer
  • Executive Disability Plans
  • Buy/Sell Planning
  • Retaining Key Executives
  • Deferred Compensation

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